Born out of a shared passion for beauty and peaceful harmony , Aruanda is run and managed by self taught, husband-and-wife team, Bruno Vieira and Susana Tavares.

A background in Mixed Arts and  Communication design characterises their work: a commitment to the power of story-telling, to the history of the projects in which they work and the shared stories of the art pieces they curate in their travels.

Susana leads the feminine side of the force, the Omega, with her ever nurturing nature, inspired by the ancient initiation rituals to the Great Mother, Gaia. Paying homage to the “life giver”, that aspect of creation which is now magnificently re-emerging, Susana reignites those feminine values as the colors to paint a new vision of a more compassionate world with cooperation, empathy, tenderness and intuition.

As Creative Director, Bruno Leads the masculine side of the force, the Alpha. With his traits of stability, transformation and devotion he has crystallised his design ethos into two principles: the search for the Human notion of the ‘Visionary’ or Akashic DNA in each project, and the commitment to the channelling of these teachings in the form of Artifacts and Healing Methods. These twin philosophies have culminated in the creation of a home for their dreams curated from around the world in their London-based Studio.

Aruanda represents a Sacred Heart Space, where imagination and creativity takes its most truthful form, bringing forward the true self with the intention to inspire and to honor the sacred aspects of our bodies and of the Earth, the spiritual dimensions of matter.  

Both hold on to the hope that Love is still possible, deeply valuing the emotional strength that it takes to manifest it, on this wonderful planet we are so blessed to live upon.


Be very welcome to Aruanda!