Flowing in the Wind - Vest

£459.00 GBP


''..Passarinho Kene que vem do alto mar soprando o meu corpo para meu curar. Passarinho que voa alegre cantando, seguindo o meu corpo e vai me guiando..''


''Little Bird Kene coming from the high Seas blowing my body to heal me.
Little bird happily flying and singing, following my body and guiding me ..''



This Vest is one of a kind handmade piece of art using intricate techniques of macrame. It features High Quality Real Leather, Natural Feathers and Natural Gemstones of unimaginable beauty and healing properties. It is a profoundly complex piece, and all its fabrics are sourced from peculiar textile designers, taking from 4 to 6 weeks of dedication towards completion. If you are looking for a bespoke made piece especially tailored according to your size and preferences, kindly get in touch.


  • Real High Quality Leather
  • Designer Fabric
  • Natural Feathers
  • Natural Gemstones
  • Brass Details
  • High Quality Waxed Polyester Cord
  • 100% Macrame Sewing thoroughly
  • Fully lined with soft Cotton like Suede for comfort and fit.
  • SIZE : Fits an S and M sizes 


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